About Us

Seizor is more than just a brand as the meaning ‘Take Control’ has shaped my life. Growing up, I fell in love with football with dreams of going to the NFL. However, through the many trials and tribulations playing the sport I love, God blessed me with the opportunity to play the highest level of college football at a Power 5 university. In my last year of football, I contracted COVID-19 and was told that I had to take a break and possibly not be able to play again due to a heart condition that the doctors felt I developed. During this difficult process I was distraught and it made me reflect on life, and acknowledge that I had to ‘Take Control’ of my life. I also had to remind  myself that I was more than a football player and NFL was not the only dream job that could make me successful. With the love of fashion and graphic design that I developed growing up, I immediately found my true calling. God put me in a situation and allowed me to “Take Control” of my life and ‘Seize’ every moment because you never know what is destined for you.


-Mohamed "Swank" Jabbie